Un centro público de ciencia dedicado a la educación medioambiental y la divulgación científica de temas marinos.

The purpose of this project was to respond to the objectives of the City Council of La Coruña in relation to the competition held to create a museum complex on marine life, “Casa de los Peces”. This facility which is meant for scientific exchange and entertainment, enjoyment and for the education of citizens of all ages, seeks stimulate interest in the ecosystems that reside in the former Finisterre, creating positive attitudes towards the conservation of the environment as well as providing knowledge about the sea, the shore and the living beings that inhabit them, through exhibitions, interactive media and other activities.

“Casa de los Peces” was realized near the old nursery, in the vicinity of the Tower of Hercules, in an irregular terrain, running between natural cliffs and the old nurseries, dominating the sea.

The slope towards the sea that sustains the –now completed- Paseo Marítimo, together with the directionality of the action, marks a clear axis development of the container of the museographic performances.

The thematic contents of the Casa de Los Peces are primarily about the ecosystems of the Galician coast and the organisms that live there, achieving admiration for the closest natural wonders. It also contains a temporary exhibition hall, where other related topics such as marine and aquatic environments from around the world are presented in different ways.

The unique character of its location, in an uninterrupted field leading to the ocean, communicates the sensation of immensity in the encounter between man and the sea. In addition to the informative and leisure aspects, the ecological values must be highlighted, underlining its character of “The Marine Environment Educational Center”.



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